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“If you’re passionate about your work, it makes the people around you want to be involved too.”

Wanda Sykes


Lillian, Group Fleet Supervisor

"Every day presents its own challenges in the logistics world, which helps you become a quick thinker and problem-solver. This is what I enjoy the most at my job with Lyawere, the experience of being given the responsibility to handle difficult roadblocks and the fulfilment of overcoming them."

Grace, Group Fleet Manager

"I have been in the transport industry for over 20 years and each day, I still learn new things. My biggest fulfilment is being able to mentor younger women, support their career development, and promote their enjoyment of work. My team at Lyawere has now become my extended family."

Florence, Head of Mining
& Industrial Supplies

"The mining sector requires the ability to multi-task, focus, and keep an open-mind, qualities which women excel in. In other words, I have come to see my gender as a strength, and I leverage it. The diversity makes the industry better, and I hope we inspire more women to join the field."

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