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Our Founding Story

The origin story of Lyawere Company Ltd‭. ‬is one that starts over 20‭ ‬years ago‭. ‬It was then that a husband and father‭, ‬together with his family‭, ‬relocated to a village in Southern Tanzania‭. ‬In search of a better life‭, ‬he found that the village was mostly covered in cement dust and basic needs were an hour’s drive away in the nearest town‭.‬

‭The challenge to accessing basic goods and services is what gave birth to Lyawere Company Ltd‭. ‬that we know today‭. ‬A name with roots from the slopes of Mt‭. ‬Kilimanjaro‭, ‬it refers to the strong warriors of the region who led many battles‭.‬

‭Lyawere began as a service store with all household essentials‭, ‬and later on‭, ‬grew to start door-to-door delivery‭. ‬From there‭, ‬it grew from a family store business to a formidable enterprise run by a strong team of individuals with various nationalities and backgrounds‭. ‬Lyawere is now a group of companies headquartered in the city of Dar es Salaam‭. ‬It now owns more than 50‭ ‬trucks‭ ‬and continues to serve its mission of meeting the needs of those in remote areas and bringing services right to their doorstep‭.‬

‭Lyawere Company Ltd‭. ‬is an end-to-end logistics and supply chain company offering customized solutions in haulage and logistics‭,‬‭ ‬mining and industrial supplies‭ -‬MIS‭, ‬clear and forwarding‭, ‬and fuel and gas‭.‬

‭‬At Lyawere‭, ‬we strive to build long-term‭, ‬positive business relationships with our clients‭, ‬keeping their needs at the forefront‭ ‬and consistently moving forward with the newest technologies to meet those needs‭. ‬The transparent way in which we support our clients at every step of the process allows our clients to receive clear‭, ‬quick‭, ‬and flexible solutions‭ – ‬increasing their productivity‭, ‬reducing their costs‭, ‬and raising their competitive edge‭.‬

‭Inspired by the origins of our name‭, ‬we continue to push forward in our industry‭, ‬striving for excellence and conquering business challenges‭, ‬testament to our determination and innovation‭.‬

‭ ‬Not bad for a family business from a dusty town in the South of Tanzania‭.


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