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Why Ideas Rule the World

Ideas rule the world may seem far-fetched as some may argue that God rules the world, while others will say governments rule the world and my kids will probably say, Mum rules the world. However, today I want to discuss why ideas rule the world.

We can all agree that everything that exists in the world today was once simply a thought. An idea. The airplane, the computer, the car, the internet, the mobile phone, and so on, were all first simply someone’s idea. In principle, every evolution we see in the world today is a result of the conceptualization of an idea, the belief that the idea is workable, and the zeal to put the idea into practice and later see the idea materialize. Having established that, then we know that ideas are powerful and thus it is fair to say, ideas rule the world.

As a father and as a leader at Lyawere, I am sometimes faced with questions like, “Is this a good idea, Dad?” or “What do you think of this idea, Boss?”. These kinds of questions are tough because I believe there is no good or bad idea until we see the result or sometimes, the series of results. Can you imagine how the first results of electricity tests were? in 1752, American Founding Father and inventor Benjamin Franklin wanted to prove that lightning was electrical, so he flew a kite during a thunderstorm. He tied a metal key onto the string and, as he suspected it would, electricity from the storm clouds flowed down the string, which was wet, and he received an electrical shock. Franklin was extremely lucky not to have been seriously hurt during this experiment, but he was excited to have proved his idea. Yes, flying a kite in a thunderstorm might seem like a bad idea but the results have taken us to where we are today. A good or bad idea can only be judged from the end. So, what do we do then?

My approach has so far been trial and error, allowing myself the flexibility to accommodate the riskiest ideas with the belief that the lessons earned are worth the while. In the logistics world, risks are inevitable, but it is crucial to take calculated risks as best described by my colleague, in his article titled Building a Risk Management Culture. At Lyawere, we inspire everyone to think, imagine, and come up with ideas that will help us advance our vision of being the pioneers of exceptional supply chain solutions in Africa. Our accountants are brainstorming ideas to track cash flows, our project managers are brainstorming ideas to maximize efficiency, and our sales personnel are thinking of ideas to accelerate sales. Our company ditched the hierarchical structure of management and adopted a circular management system where ideas are generated from all sides because everyone’s ideas are worth hearing including those of our valuable clients. Can we now say, ideas rule companies? For us at Lyawere, absolutely, because it is not the management or the board that rules, but rather the ideas of all stakeholders that rule the company.

I prompt every reader to put this notion to the test, not only at work but also in our lives. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

What are you thinking today?

By Juda – TLL (Today Lyawere Learns) Reflection Lyawere Group

July, 2022


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