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Habits & Results

The late Author & Speaker Jim Rohn once said, “The problem with simple things is that they are both easy to do and easy not to do”. Success in an endeavour that comes down to a series of decisions and actions one takes consistently over a period of time. Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishments, and funny enough when you dissect discipline you end up with Habits (the things we effortlessly and consistently do). The reality is good habits make our lives easy but bad habits make them difficult. It is therefore of paramount importance that we figure out how habits are formed and give ourselves a chance of a whole new and better-desired experience.

I think the topic of Habits and Results speaks to us all. We all desire a grander future of some sort be it more income, great relationships, making a bigger impact, an exciting new career, etc., but the key driver that gives us a chance of accomplishing these things is our habits. In my short life experience, I have come to realize that it’s the little things that matter (keeping your word, showing up on time, reading a few pages of a good book per day, trying to find ways of improving your skills, and adding value, exercising a few times a week, etc.).

Day one is the easiest day on a diet, anybody can accomplish that, but day 8 is a bit difficult because we have a culture of wanting to see the results on day one. Let’s not even talk about day 37, I know right?

You see the magic is in the little things we decide to do consistently. The challenge is they disguise themselves as insignificant at first almost like taunting and testing us if we want what they say we want. The magic happens when we compound the little things over time.

I, therefore, invite myself, my fellow teammates, and our readers, to do the best we can do because after all, why not do everything with excellence? We can never lose with this attitude, and we will be setting ourselves up for a bigger future. Money, we can always remake but the time we cannot get back. Therefore, time well spent is the currency that keeps on giving. The invitation to a grander future we desire is always open, let’s allow ourselves to be in the positive headspace and continue with the right habits and watch our beautiful futures materialize.

By Patrick Manyanza – TLL (Today Lyawere Learns) Reflection January, 2022


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