Our Founding Story

We continue to push forward in our industry‭, ‬striving for excellence and conquering business challenges, ‬testament to our determination and innovation‭.‬

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Featured in Africa Outlook 2022

We are so proud to be featured in the latest issue of Africa Outlook, in our client, TDL’s (Tanzania Distilleries Limited) edition.

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Habits & Results

We all desire a grander future of some sort…but the key driver that gives us a chance of accomplishing these things is our habits.

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Local Business Development

“The North Mara Gold Mine’s Local Business Development programme is a game-changer for…economic growth.” – Daily News

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Lilian’s Story

WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY – One thing I quickly learned at my workplace was the concept of being a family – we call ourselves the Lyawere family.

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The Non-negotiable Virtue “Accountability”

There is one thing that is non-negotiable to me and that is accountability. Accountability in everything you do.

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Network & Net Worth

We all network whether consciously or subconsciously, and the key point here is to ensure we harness the power of our network.

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Building a Risk Management Culture

SWOTCLOCK – a management tool for decision makers to enhance their capacity to design and implement strategies.

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Building Healthy Self Esteem

Healthy self-esteem makes one feel positive about themselves and life in general, being better placed to deal with life’s ups and downs.

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Every day presents its own challenges in the logistics world, which helps you become a quick thinker and problem-solver. This is what I enjoy the most at my job with Lyawere, the experience of being given the responsibility to handle difficult roadblocks and the fulfilment of overcoming them.
Lillian, Group Fleet Supervisor
I have been in the transport industry for over 20 years and each day, I still learn new things. My biggest fulfilment is being able to mentor younger women, support their career development, and promote their enjoyment of work. My team at Lyawere has now become my extended family.
Grace, Group Fleet Manager
The mining sector requires the ability to multi-task, focus, and keep an open-mind, qualities which women excel in. In other words, I have come to see my gender as a strength, and I leverage it. The diversity makes the industry better, and I hope we inspire more women to join the field.
Florence, Head of Mining & Industrial Supplies

“If you’re passionate about your work, it makes the people around you want to be involved too.”

-Wanda Sykes