Corporate Social Responsibility

Our humble beginnings have given us first-hand experience and understanding on the challenges and barriers faced by young people born into disadvantage.

This has made it our mission to help bring equality and equity in our communities by financially supporting organisations in Tanzania, working in education, doing youth work, and care-taking for orphans and disabled children. In addition to funding, we volunteer in support of education, arts, and social service. We proactively search for opportunities where funding and our time can make a difference, and continuously strive to ensure the ongoing well-being and growth of our communities. Our work is made meaningful through engagement in these impactful projects and services.

Chakuwama Orphanage

Chakuwama is an orphanage that hosts both children who lost their parents and those who have been abandoned in the streets in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The children, aged 2 to 18, are provided with food, shelter, clothes, health, and education at government schools. Chakuwama was established in 1998 and is home to more than 50 children. The mission of Chakuwama is to make sure disadvantaged children can live a better life, and what better cause to support than this, whereby our work makes a difference in the lives of children.

Lyawere provides support through funding and volunteering services. We make time to visit the orphanage center in Sinza to play with the children; and we also provide support through the provision of food items and basic necessities in bulk for the children, staff, and volunteers of the center. Children are the future.

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Tumaini Montessori Friends

Tumaini Montessori Friends Kindergarten is a project of Streetkids International Tanzania Branch, providing children at the Tumaini orphanages in Tanzania with quality Montessori teaching. The aim of the Montessori method is to build capacity and encourage independence in each child, as well as promote their social skills.

The kindergarten offers a playground for the children to play and opens up the daycare facilities for children outside the organization. Lyawere supports the organization through monthly donations and by volunteering hours for training the youth on soft skills to prepare them to enter the market after school.

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Local Economy

We are dedicated to boosting local economy through employment opportunities and fostering learning through training programs.

Sub-Sahara has a pool of talented individuals with good education but most lack experience. Recognizing this, our recruitment strategy allows individuals without experience but with a good educational background and commitment to join our team of experienced experts through internships and offer them industrial skills with first-hand experience and coaching.

We have implemented a monthly employee to employee training program called TLL (Today Lyawere Learns), that allows each employee to share their skills with the rest of the company and foster mutual learning and growth.

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