Fuel & GAS


We do direct sales of petroleum products (both petrol and diesel) to businesses and individual customers.We supply liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to the retail point of sale (POS). We also sell LPG associated products like banners and trivets.

10 YEARS experience in the industry

Operating in Eastern & Central Africa

Outstanding reliability & safety record

We are committed to ensuring our clients receive services of the highest standard of quality and safety.

– Steven Omari, Head of Department, Fuel & Gas

What we offer


We sell petrol and diesel to businesses (B2B) and to individual consumers (B2C). We also provide mobile delivery to customers in need of fuel supply to their businesses.


At our retail outlets, our services are extended to car wash stations, supermarkets, restaurants, vehicle garages, and engine lubricant distributors.

Our Partners

Our partners in this core business are primarily Total Energies and Oryx Energies where we purchase in bulk and send it to our retail outlets.

Lyawere is open to partnerships with international and local companies to establish additional retail outlets both within Tanzania and regionally.

Fuel Transportation

Lyawere is dedicated to the supply and delivery of quality fuel and petroleum products. We have a fleet of over 50 trucks with different capacities to distribute dry cargo, bulk products locally and internationally across our neighbouring countries.

Cargo Trailers

Fuel Tanks